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OMG!!! See the Shocking Moment a Huge Bridge Collapsed on Busy Road With People on it (Video)

Shocking Moment a Huge Bridge Collapsed on Busy Road With People on it (Video

A video has shown the moment a huge bride collapsed and fell on a busy road while people were still on it.

A car's dashboard camera caught the shocking moment the huge bridge collapsed next to a busy motorway.

Emergency services rushed to the scene next to the M60 Barton Bridge at around 8.30am on Monday. Miraculously, nobody was injured in the incident.

The man who captured the incredible clip, as he was driving past, said it was surreal to watch it happen.

The driver, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “I was just driving towards it and it just collapsed. It was surreal to see it.”

According to Manchester Evening News, the man said at first it looked like it was just being lowered. But one side was much lower than the other and it was then he realised something had gone wrong.

“I saw the angle it was going down at and thought that it wasn’t right. A fork lift then falls off into the canal. You can see it sliding off in the video.

"It catapults into it. It’s a miracle nobody was injured or killed. Anyone could have been walking under it.”

The huge concrete platform, which is part of a new lifting bridge beside the River Irwell, fell around 60 feet to the ground.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang and said it felt as if there was an “earthquake” in the area.

Emergency services raced to the work site at Trafford Way, Trafford, just before 9.30pm after concerns that someone could have been trapped underneath the structure.

But the North West Ambulance Service has confirmed nobody was injured and all contractors working on the site have been accounted for.

The lifting bridge is part of a £50m project to improve traffic flow around the area and includes new roundabout layouts at junctions 10 and 11 of the M60 motorway.

Four huge pillars have been built as part of the construction, and were connected by the bridge which appears to have collapsed.

Watch the video:

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