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Fuel price hike: Nigerian students back FG

Fuel price hike: Nigerian students back FG

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has thrown its weight behind the federal government over the increment of fuel pump price from N86 to N145 per litre.

The students’ body said the Nigerian economy was sinking and badly battered, and therefore, incapable of bearing the burden of fuel subsidy.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja, President of NANS, Comrade Tijani Shehu, also stated that NANS had reached an agreement with the Federal Government as concerning palliatives for students.

He said, “NANS recognizes that Nigeria is faced with the crisis of deciding its future from present realities of economic challenges, and this justifies the reasons for the agitation for reversal of the pump price of N86.50 by some members of the public.

“NANS recognizes that the economy is sinking; however, we blame the government for allowing the situation to generate to position where Labour Unions will find it difficult to appreciate, accommodate policies and be on the same page with them.”

He maintained that there is no justification for the Federal Government to continue subsidizing imported petroleum products, adding that the removal of subsidy would guarantee availability of petrol across the country.

“We are worried that the Federal Government, instead of completely deregulating the importation of petrol is still controlling the business through issuing of licenses, and there is no assurance that the modular refineries will be operational before 24v month,” he noted.

He argued that the defense of the Federal Government on the diversion of petrol to neighbouring countries was an indictment on the security apparatus of the Buhari-led government.

He said, “Understanding was also reached that government should provide buses to tertiary institutions of higher learning, two per institution, to ease transportation on campuses as well as distribution of gas cylinders to all Nigerian students.

“It was also agreed that government should engage students across the four zones of NANS in a town hall meeting to enlighten students on the policy; provide immediate employment to graduates; establish an independent service monitoring group to monitor the current price of N145 per litre and also establish a students’ trust fund.”

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