Thursday, August 20

Aircraft crashes in Slovakia, kills seven

Two light aircraft collided and crashed near a village in northwest Slovakia’s Trencin region, killing seven people, during skydiving practice on Thursday morning, the Fire and Rescue Corps Presidium confirmed.

Juraj Gyenes an official at the Aviation and Maritime Investigation Office said the aircraft were carrying skydivers and reportedly had 40 people on board before colliding and crashing in Cerveny Kamen, Ilava District.

According to Andrej Hirjak from the Emergency Medical Service Operational Centre, four ambulances and three rescue helicopters have been deployed to the scene of the accident.

Local news agency reported that special troops on quad-bikes and six-wheel vehicles are searching search for people in difficult terrain.

Preliminary investigation showed that one aircraft hit the ground in Chotuc saddle, a region difficult to access, while the second came down around two kilometers away from Cerveny Kamen.

Local firefighters have been dispatched to both sites where the planes crashed.


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