Wednesday, March 4

Because Kim K Stepped Out Without Her Wedding Ring, They're Now Saying She's Leaving Kanye

MediaTakeOut will not kill someone with their stories. Now they swear Kim Kardashian is about to dump Kanye West and will sell the story for $500k. They swear it's 100% Read below...
"We've all been wondering how long it will be until Kim Kardashian dumps Kanye West . . . well it happened. MTO confirmed that Kim Kardashian has officially dropped Kanye West. We're told that Kris Jenner worked out an exclusive with one of the gossip weeklies - who will officially break the news tomorrow. We're told there was a bidding war for the story, and that Kim and Kris will be paid more than $500K for the story.
As we speak, Kanye's in the UK - enjoying time with his daughter, and his mother in law Kris Jenner. All the while - she negotiated a cover exclusive with a gossip weekly - to announce that Kim's filing for divorce. Now that's cold blooded. Oh, and Kim's no longer wearing her ring.

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