Wednesday, August 30

Exclusive: The real story of the white man almost killed with a cutlass in a home in Ikorodu

Last night, we shared the story of a white man who was almost killed with a cutlass by a Nigerian man inside a house in Ikorodu. The people who shared the video said it was an alleged Badoo member who perpetuated the crime.

Here's what we gathered happened: The man is actually Pakinstani with American citizenship as he was returning from the US the night he was nearly killed. The person who nearly killed him was his adopted son.

After he was rescued and taken to the hospital, the Pakistani man told the police that the man who
attacked him was his adopted son. That when he told the adopted son that he was arriving Nigeria that night, the young man volunteered to pick him from the airport and take him to his house. But on their way, the man asked if they could stop by his house for him to do something and being that the young man was someone known to him and he trusted him, he accepted to go to his house. He said when they got there, the adopted son started acting odd, and before he knew what was happening, he attacked him from the back with a cutlass, targeting his head. He said he fought for his life and tried to save himself from the verocious attack. He started screaming, and the screaming attracted the landlord who burst into the room to see what was happening. At that point, the adopted son abandoned his weapon and escaped.

The victim was brought out of the room and taken to a hospital in Ikorodu where doctors stitched him up as he had bled a lot. The following day, the man discharged himself from the hospital in Ikorodu and is now being treated at undisclosed hospital in Surulere.

The adopted son hasn't yet been arrested. The police only detained the landlord to get information from him after which he was released.

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