Tuesday, February 21

This is how actress Ruth Eze and her friends celebrated their Valentine's Day (Photos)

Again, Nollywood's sweetheart, Ruth Eze, celebrated the 2017 Valentine’s Day with the poor in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos, after doing same in 2016.

Eze was accompanied by her team, made up of friends and fans and the team fed the indigents at the Ajegunle Market Square.

Ms Eze, who has been in the news for having a crush on Genevieve Nnaji, fed over hundred of beggars and put a smile on their faces.

On the reason behind the gesture, Ruthy as she is fondly called said: “Valentine’s day is not only for lovers or married couples. It’s also a day we should take time to reach out to the less privileged and the needy. Even those in prisons needs to be shown some love. I celebrated my day with some beggars and I felt so fulfilled inside of me feeding the hungry in my own little capacity. I gave them food, drinks and money. I had to feed some of them who were not capable of feeding themselves.That’s my own little way of reaching out to those that really needs love.

“At a point I was so moved to tears, seeing how they were almost fighting for food, probably they haven’t eaten well for so long. Painfully, most of us had so much to eat and even threw a lot in the trash on that day. Let us all learn to show love and not to hate others
.” she added.

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