Thursday, February 23

Lovely photos of 200 brides who rode in a trailer to their mass wedding

Miracle Centre Cathedral in Rubaga, Uganda was on Thursday filled with love as 200 couples in their different ages waited for the church to initiate them into Holy Matrimony, in a wedding themed 77 Days of Glory(77 DOGs).

Unlike the normal weddings where couples decorate saloon Mercedes Benzes to transport them from the saloon to church and later the wedding reception venue, this time, the church organized five flat-bed Mercedes Benz trailers which were decorated to transport the brides from the Church premises to the Church gardens, a distance of about one kilometre led by a Police escort car and the brides guarded by the armed counter terrorism Police.

As the trailers began delivering the brides to the wedding venue, the love in the air overwhelmed everyone on site including the team that was playing church music to the extent that they started playing love ballads in Church.

The 200 couples who were each allowed to come with a best man, matron and two relatives, all had cakes on their tables to cut at the end of the day.

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