Friday, February 24

Little Girl's Leg amputated due to wrong diagnosis in Kaduna

The unfortunate story as shared online...
Rukayya, a 4 year old girl from Zaria fell sick and was taken to a Hospital in Zaria. (I am withholding the name of the hospital for some reasons). After running some preliminary laboratory tests, Rukayya's parents were told their daughter was a sickler,that she has malaria.They treated her,and they left for home.

When Rukayya's condition didn't improve, her parents took her back to the hospital &was admitted immediately. She was transfused with blood through a vein in her leg, because according to them, they could not find any in her hands.

After the transfusion, she was discharged to go home. Later on, the leg became swollen and Rukkaya had to be taken back to the hospital. Rukkaya's parents were told to take her back home, elevate her legs and administer ice therapy.

When that didn't work, Rukayya was taken back to the hospital again where the parents met the hostility of the staff on duty. But they were eventually attended to; they examined the affected leg. and when they realized they could not handle the case anymore, they were referred to ABU Teaching Hospital Shika-Zaria.

On getting to A.B.U.T.H, Rukkaya was immediately taken to the emergency room and the doctors after examination told her parents that Rukayya's leg needs to be amputated immediately due to the infection that is spreading in her leg.

Rukayya eventually lost a leg.

Further tests carried out at Shika revealed Rukayya was not even a sickler,and the peripheral Hospital misdiagnosed her from the start.

GIWAC has filed a petition on behalf of Rukkaya to the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Commissioner of police, Speaker state house of assembly, members representing her constituency (Basawa constituency) in the state assembly and chairman of her local government (Sabon gari).

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