Monday, February 20

5-year old girl bitten mercilessly by hungry, under-fed dog today (Graphic Photo)

According to a Facebook user, Taiwo Craig, this is a call for justice as 5-year-old girl gets brutally attacked by one of their landlord's 15 dogs in Lagos.

He shared this story on his Facebook wall; ''The cruelty of a nonchalant landlord led to the disastrous injury to a 5 year old girl. In so much pain and hardship for that her young age, it is hard to see all the pain she is going through as a waste because the landlord excessive buying of dogs. He has over 15 dogs in his house which have being mismanaged, underfed and caged for a very long time. Only for one of the dog to bust out and attack a young 5 years innocent girl, with so much scar that will live with the girl forever.

The power of landlord makes him feel like he has overall right without taking his tenants into consideration. This man has over 15 dogs in his house even when complains have been made repeatedly by the tenants with no justifiable reasons given by him. The pain this child is currently feeling of every poison running through her vain. As can be seen from the images, this is not just a flesh but a brutal attack by a dog. This story is made to create and alert the necessary agency that is responsible to handle such cases with immediate effect.

This incident happen in erunwen, ikorodu lagos as at 5:10 pm today.

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