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Nathaniel sheds light on the major Cs of gospel songs

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The happily maried father of two and gospel singer, Nathaniel  Bassey, posted this message below on his Instagram page moments ago:
TWO major Cs of Christian or gospel songs.
Christian songs are CONCEIVED @or CONTRIVED.
To CONCEIVE is to "to become pregnant". These songs are those birthed through deep communion and fellowship with the Spirit and the word. They are an overflow of OF a love walk with the Lord. You become intimate with the Lord and then become pregnant with a revelation of Him, which you later put in song and music form. An element of song writing skill is sometimes always needed to develop the seed or idea conceived. But I have found that these sort of songs carry the very life of God. As they were born in and by the Spirit.
CONTRIVED SONGS. Hmmm.... I call these ones "form form song"
Many times the "contrivers" piece together elements from different other songs, which they think are "hit" songs, to create similar kinds of songs. When you listen to them, you begin to sense that they sound like 10 or more other songs that you know. They lack revelation. And after a few rounds of listening, you get fatigued and bored.
To this group, writing and releasing new songs is an end in them selves. While the conceivers don't seek to write new songs, but rather seek to know and commune with the Lord more. And as they do that, they get pregnant with a NEW and fresh revelation of God which they then express in words and sound. In other words the secret to writing great songs that glorify-GOD, and edifying-Man, is to seek, love and know God, than seeking to write great songs.
If the songs come from the Spirit, they will minister to the Spirit. But if they come from the head, they will appeal to the head. Spirit to spirit. Head to head.
God bless you all. #copiedfromNathanielBassey

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