Wednesday, February 1

Laura Ikeji-Kanu advertised fake designers bags for sale on Instagram, then this happened

So, a while ago, self acclaimed fashionista, Laura Ikeji- Kanu put up fake designer handbags for sale in her shop on her Instagram page.

She was later forced to delete the pictures after disappointed fans called her out. She has now tendered an apology stating the bags were stocks she got from different people.. 

Read her apology below: "To those who were disappointed I put these bags up for sale. Apologies. I stock for different people. I don't own 90% of things in the gang. They are all by different
stockists. Unfortunately these sets came today and they looked really good. Apologies. It would all be returned to the stockist except there are people who wanna buy them regardless. The gang listens to it customers."

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