Friday, February 3

"Sex with me means sex with a snake," Nigerian lady confesses to Prophet T.B Joshua

If you know the demon inside some guys or ladies you meet, you will learn to be more decent and get to know someone properly before sleeping with them. Don't play with your destiny by carelessly having s*x with just any man or woman you meet. We live in a DEEP world!

The lady above, identified as Flora Ruth Akinpelumi, has revealed how she was delivered from a demonic 'snake spirit' after being initiated at a tender age.

She has wrecked a lot of lives useless and destroyed people's destinies through sex...

The lady who is from Ondo state revealed that her problem started when her mother took her to a local river in Niger state at the age of 8, to wash clothes and plates.

According to her, after washing them, her mom told her to take her bath in the river. In the process of bathing, something from the river reportedly entered her body making her weak and heavy. That is when it all started.

The lady who is also a good dancer revealed how her seductive moves at night-clubs were bent on one devilish intent - to lure the next naive, lustful victim into bed. Once s*xual contact had been made, it was mission accomplished. Although physically they had met Flora, spiritually they had slept with a satanic snake! The result? Destinies entangled in darkness.

Watch her shocking confession after she was delivered through the prayer of Prophet TB Joshua (HERE).

Those who have sense, let them use it. But for those who believe that nothing dey happen... enjoy!

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