Friday, February 3

KFB's heart-to-heart: Please Help! Facebook girl wants to ruin my wedding

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Dear KFBers this email just came in this evening. A brother needs your urgent help. Please read below and advise him calmly.
"Hi Kemi, please Help! Facebook girl wants to ruin my wedding. 

Kemi, i like what you are doing. Please keep it up and God will continue to bless you. I'm engaged to a very beautiful girl that i met 3 years ago and we are set to wed this month; by end of February. I just met a girl on Facebook, since then I have been loosing focus. I chat with her whenever, i am in the office because my  fiance is always busy, so we don't communicate till later in the night, when she is back from work and have my time.

 I always think about her instead of my wife-to-be. Our wedding would be in three weeks time, but i am not sure i want to go ahead with the marriage.

What should I do? I am so confused because this Facebook girl is all over my thoughts.
Davies, Lagos."

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