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SHOCKER: The DSS Security Report That Nailed Magu At The Senate Screening, His Monumental Corruption, Human Rights Abuse EXPOSED

SHOCKER: The DSS Security Report That Nailed Magu At The Senate Screening, His Monumental Corruption, Human Rights Abuse EXPOSED


Persecond News - We have bombshell revelations about the acting chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, from a security report allegedly from the Department of State Security, DSS.  According to people in the know, these details are absolutely stunning.


The revelations was contained in a report sent to President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo and Senate President Bukola Saraki.  

The report alleged  that “The acting EFCC chairman is alleged to possess undeclared pieces of property. He is alleged to be corrupt, and a gross violator of human rights.”

The report gives comprehensive details why he is unfit to be at the helms of affairs of the anti-corruption agency TheCable is also reporting.

The background check is 16 pages and indicting on the acting chairman.
Speaking with Per Second News a ranking senator under the condition of anonymity said that Magu's penchant for releasing classified and vital documents to the press is worrisome.

"He is a self-interested player, risking security information for personal and professional advancement, he alleged.

Magu has been accused in recent times of not playing to the rules of engagement. In June, Mr Desmond Nunugwo,  a Ministry of Defence official invited to the commission in relation to a case died mysteriously in custody.

Susanne, the widow of the Chief Protocol Officer of the Minister of State for Defence, accused the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of killing her husband and labelling him a criminal.

According to her, “Around 3pm on June 9, my husband had gone to pick up our son from school and they both returned home. He later went out. Around 6pm, I called his line and it rang once. I tried his number several times later, but it was off.

“The next morning, I got apprehensive when he didn’t come home. However, around 3.48pm, someone called me with his phone and said my husband was in the EFCC’s custody and I should come to bail him.”

Susanne said on getting to the EFCC, she was told to go and get a man because being a woman, her husband could not be released on bail to her.

Shortly after leaving, the EFCC was alleged to have issued a press statement breaking the news of Desmond’s death.

She said, “The EFCC called me to their office to come and bail my husband while he was already at the mortuary.

“I later received a phone call from a former colleague of mine that he had read the news online that my husband was arrested for fraud and he had died.”

Usman Abubakar, a blogger was arrested due to an article he published on his website regarding EFCC’s chairman, Magu.

Excerpts of the article reads: “Regular staff at EFCC are complaining that they are being bullied by the Acting Chairman of the Commission, Ibrahim Magu.

“Magu returned a few seconded police men to their mother organization, following series of revelations on his activities at the commission.

“His corrupt nature is stopping any one from confirming him.

“He feels they are a threat and may be working like DSS operatives, as some were being trained by the same Nigeria Secret Police.

“Magu has started replacing Protective Operatives attached to him with his police staff.

“If Magu is not corrupt, why is he keeping CSP Iliyasu Kwarbai, CSP Ishaku Sharu, and other police boys known for corruption?
“Mr. Magu knows why he has not been confirmed,” Abubakar concluded his article.

The Cold war between Magu and the Chief of Staff to the president has also not helped his matter, a presidency source revealed Thursday afternoon.

Source: NewsPunch

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