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Thursday, November 10

Shocker!!! This Man Has Been Accused of R*ping Women With His Finger... You Won't Believe How He Does It

Shocker!!! This Man Has Been Accused of R*ping Women With His Finger... You Won't Believe How He Does It

Cops want to question this man in connection with rape cases.

A man who is allegedly in the habit of r*ping women with his finger has found himself in trouble with the law.

A man has been found out to be in the habit of terrorising women by storming their home and assaulting them s*xually.

According to Daily Sun SA, the alleged r*pist sneaks into women’s homes in the middle of the day, terrorising them with his nail clipper.

He is believed to be using a strong charm because he can’t be seen entering the homes or shacks.

Once inside the house, he scratches the clipper on the floor making sparks, terrorising the women.

Then, according to the women, the man uses his hand to r*pe them and doesn’t use his 4-5.

Kagiso police spokesman Warrant Officer Solomon Sibiya told Daily Sun: “The suspect uses a hand to penetrate the woman and never uses a condom.”

One of the man’s alleged victims said she was cooking one Saturday when a man suddenly appeared in her shack.

“He pulled out a nail clipper which he scratched on the floor, making sparks. I tried to scream but he stopped me,” said the woman from Kagiso, Mogale City.

“He never undressed me. He just forced his hand up my skirt and pushed it into my private parts.”

She said he suddenly ran away. The woman said she feared to go to the police station. “I thought the police would not believe me. I thought they would ask me how it is possible to be r*ped if he didn’t use his 4-5,” she said.

Another woman said the man was known as phunyoka bampethe – the fiddleman.

“He just appears during the day and the sad event takes place,” she said. “I hope the police will bust him.”

Warrant Officer Solomon Sibiya from Kagiso cop shop said the suspect apparently pretended to be an Eskom inspector.

“The suspect allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck and forced her into the bedroom.

“She tried to fight him but he overpowered her and used his hand to r*pe her. The incident happened on 11 October,” he said.

Sibiya said anyone who had seen the suspect should contact Kagiso police.

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