Friday, November 4

Man leaves girlfriend behind during crocodile attack...Watch Video

Man leaves girlfriend behind during crocodile attack

crocodile attack

A couple that was enjoying a private personal time in a pool got to shock of their lives when a crocodile decided to join them.

In the scary video which has now gone viral, the man immediately leapt out of the pool, leaving his female companion behind after the crocodile appeared.

The girl attempted to get out the pool and it was reported that she suffered a bite on her shoulder during the struggle.

She did eventually escape and from the video, it looked like the guy returned to help. But social media has slammed the young man.

One person, commenting on the video said, “That is what you call selfishness. He was only thinking about his own life. But what about the life of the woman?”

Truly, one might consider that a woman wants to be with someone capable of protecting her during times of danger but we cannot deny the fact that a lot of us would probably save ourselves first when it comes down to it.

Watch Video...

What do you think? Does the man really deserve to be bashed so much for escaping?

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