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I’m Glad APC Has Accepted Responsibility for Its Failure – Fayose

I’m Glad APC Has Accepted Responsibility for Its Failure – Fayose


Ekiti State Governor has lashed out at the All Progressives Congress, APC-led Federal Government, saying nothing is working under the current administration.

The fiery governor made the remark while addressing reporters on Wednesday in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

Stressing that Nigeria needs more than political parties to forge ahead, Fayose said, “Every political party has got its own problems. Let me tell you, as the events unfold, there will be a way out of all these logjams.

“Nigerians need more than PDP [the Peoples Democratic Party] and APC [All Progressives Party] to move this country forward. APC has failed Nigerians and I’m glad that they came out to take responsibility for this failure.

“If PDP in 16 years could sustain the Naira to dollar exchange rate at ‎ 200 Naira and they have failed to sustain the Naira and we are now having about 500 Naira to one dollar in less than a year, it’s unfortunate.

“If you take a look at the events ‎in our country today, nothing works; no roads, no water, no light; the aviation sector is in trouble.”

On his persistent criticism of the APC-led Federal Government, Fayose said the government needs to hear the truth, stressing that Nigerians are unimpressed with the current state of the nation.

“This is not personal, they might not like my face but they need to hear this that they are not impressing Nigerians”.

Recall that the governor recently accused the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, of collaborating with APC, stressing that the votes of Nigerians no longer count.

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