Thursday, November 3

Gateman kills university graduate in Abia

Gateman kills university graduate in Abia


A fresh graduate from Abia State University Uturu was killed yesterday by a gateman (known as Hausa Man) in Pentagon lodge around the school.

The former student popularly known as Max graduated recently and celebrated his birthday on 25th October, 2016 with friends, family and well-wishes not knowing that his death is just by the corner.

Trouble started when Max visited one of the lodge around the University, apparently to settle some scores with some students living there.

Along the line, the gateman attached to the private lodge requested that Max leave the environment probably due to the confusion he was creating.

This request by the gateman infuriated Max and a fight ensued. It was gathered that Max picked up a rod which he used to hit and tear the stomach of the gateman to rip out his intestines.

In anger, the gateman ran into his apartment with his hand holding his torn stomach, picked up his dagger and stabbed Max to death.

The gateman is currently in a critical condition receiving treatment, while Max is in the mortuary.

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