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UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Meet the Man Who Has S*x With His Wife 10 Hours Every Single Day (Photo)

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Meet the Man Who Has S*x With His Wife 10 Hours Every Single Day (Photo)

Mashudhu Chauke

A s*x crazed man has shocked people after it was found out that he has s*x with his wife 10 hours every day.

The man identified as Mashudhu Chauke, has been found out to have s*x with his wife 10 hours every day after the woman made the matter public.

The exhausted wife, Lebogang Malatji, has taken her s*x-crazed husband to court to stop him making love to her for that long.

Lebogang Malatji, 37, said Mashudhu Chauke, 47, always wanted to do it in the morning, afternoon, and 5 times in the night.

According to iManzi, a traditonal court at Matiyane Village, Limpopo, South Africa, heard how each session lasted 90 minutes after he swigged African love potion umvusakunzi. She said he would beat her if she did not comply.

However, in his defence Mashudhu said his problems started after an organ operation went wrong.

“My scrotum used to swell with fluid. It was painful and the only option was to be operated on. After the operation that is when lights went out for me. I couldn’t get an erection,” he said.

“My uncle whose ancestry is of Khoi-San origin advised me to take umvusakunzi (a s*x enhancing herbal drink). After that my s*x life became phenomenal,” he added.

But, according to him, the s*xual urge has become way too much for him.

“At times I masturbate, even before and after s*x. I just can’t get enough,” he said. “I am a man who takes his bedroom life seriously. When I am about to reach climax I stop a bit and start to kiss my partner and resume after a few minutes,”

The Chief advised the couple to go for counseling and barred Mashudhu from beating or verbally insulting Lebogang in any way.

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