Thursday, June 23

APC senators: PDP colleagues wrong on anti-graft war

APC senators: PDP colleagues wrong on anti-graft war

The All Progressives Congress (APC) caucus in the senate has expressed shock over the decision of its Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) colleagues to withdraw their support for President Muhammadu Buhari.

Citing the alleged plot to change the leadership of the 8th senate and the “unjust trial” of its party members, the opposition lawmakers said they would only cooperate with the federal government if things changed for the better.

But at a media briefing on Thursday, the APC senators defended Buhari’s government, denying the allegation that PDP members are the main targets of the anti-graft war.

“We are shocked at the totally partisan reaction of our colleagues from the minority party, PDP, to the on-going investigations and recovery of public funds meant for the prosecution of the war against insurgency,” said the APC senators in a communique signed by Olusola Adeyeye, chief whip of the senate.

“Contrary to the assertion of our PDP colleagues, the investigation is not a partisan war against a particular political party. It is no longer a news item that there was a wanton diversion of public funds meant for fighting insurgency to fund campaigns of PDP. Members of the PDP were the sole and iniquitous beneficiaries of this diversion.

“Seeking to recover diverted public funds is neither dictatorial nor against the rule of law. In all the actions, programmes and policies of the PMB-led APC Federal Government, no PDP member has been unjustly arrested or imprisoned on mere allegations.

“On the contrary, we are daily regaled with news of millions and billions of naira of public funds traced to accounts of individuals some of whom have accepted to return such diverted public funds.”

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