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Man Charged With Murder After Ex-Girlfriend Commits Suicide to Escape Him (Photo)

Man Charged With Murder After Ex-Girlfriend Commits Suicide to Escape Him (Photo)

Jessica Damian Haban

In a very rare case, a man is been charged for murder in relation to a suicide death by his ex-girlfriend who felt threatened by him.

A prosecutor has charged a Minnesota man for murder in the suicide death of his ex-girlfriend, alleging that he harassed and stalked her to the point that she killed herself, PEOPLE confirms.

Jessica Damian Haban, 28, of Stewartville, Minnesota, bore two children to Long Vang, 34, during an allegedly tumultuous, nearly 11-year relationship. She killed herself on Dec. 17, 2015, at her home. The two were "culturally married" in 2010, according to Haban's published obituary.

Now Vang, who was booked June 10, sits in the Olmsted County jail in Rochester, charged with third-degree murder, second-degree manslaughter, and stalking. He has not yet entered a plea, a spokesman for the Olmsted County District Court tells PEOPLE.

In announcing the charges, Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem's office alleges that during the couple's time together, "Mr. Vang subjected his partner to ever-increasing levels of domestic abuse. The abuse was verbal, emotional, mental, and physical."

"In May 2015, Mr. Vang's abuse resulted in a traumatic brain injury to his partner," according to the prosecutors office. "Ultimately his partner took her own life to escape the relationship."

Said Ostrem in a statement: "I believe Mr. Vang's conduct directly contributed to the death of his partner. Mr. Vang was clearly aware of the precarious state of his partner's emotions following her hospitalizations and he continued his relentless contacts until her death."

The prosecutor says he's aware such charges may be unprecedented in Minnesota or elsewhere. "We have put a lot more scrutiny into charging this than in a typical case," he told the Star-Tribune. "We know there are going to be some challenges and some questions. We plan to have our ducks in a row."

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