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PDP is like beetle, it can never die – Wabara

PDP is like beetle, it can never die – Wabara

Adolphus Wabara

Former Senate President, Adolphus Wabara, has likened the opposition Peoples Democratic Party to the proverbial beatle which can never die.

Wabara, who was addressing newsmen in Abuja, Thursday, expressed hope that the party would soon bounce back to life despite its many challenges.

The former Senate President observed that the main demand of almost all of the party’s factions was for the former Chairman, Ali Sheriff to back out as the leader.

According to him, members of the party are determined to reinvent and reposition it to attain greatness again.

Wabara said, “First of all, the PDP is just like a Beatle. A beatle they generally say never dies. There is nothing that can kill PDP, no matter the factions, no matter the factional politics going on there now. I think for the problems, I don’t want to apportion blames. We have come out of it now.

“So we are looking forward to see how we can bring the factions together. We pray that this does not repeat itself again. PDP is not owned by any individual or group of people or organization. PDP is very national in nature.

“Since we lost the Presidency, it would appear that the 12 Governors that we have are in charge; but in the future, the Governors should reach out and consult widely before they take certain decisions.

The former lawmaker said contrary to claims in some quarters that Sheriff’s emergence as National Chairman was by consensus, “Some of us kicked against that decision and wisely too, not because of any personal problems with the person in question; but because of our knowledge of that person.”

He lamented that the decision throw up the former Borno State governor as National Chairman was in itself a very bad decision which is largely responsible for the crisis which threatened the party’s existence.

Speaking on the role the party’s BoT is expected to play in resolving the crisis, Wabara said, “The BoT has a very vital role to play and I think it has already started playing that role to galvanise the factions, get them together and then move the party forward.

“Senator Jubril Walid, the BoT Chairman and of course, Ambassador Ojo Maduekwe will use their wealth of experience and wisdom to really get the warring parties together, including the Governors.”

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