Thursday, May 26

Dana flights grounded as pilots go on strike

Dana flights grounded as pilots go on strike

Passengers of Dana Airlines are stranded nationwide as a result of a strike by pilots who are protesting non-payment of salaries.

The pilots have not been paid since March.

However, the airline has continued to sell tickets and check in passengers even with the knowledge that there may be no flights.

It's understood that some passengers were informed at the check-in counter that there would be a “slight delay”.

At the Abuja airport, announcements were regularly made via the PA system announcing a delay by “one hour”, a stranded passenger told.

“The deceit is too much. But you cannot blame Dana. It is the regulatory system that allow such maltreatment of passengers that should bear the blame,” he said.

Intending passengers who are unaware of the strike are still buying Dana tickets and checking in at the airport.

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