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Wednesday, March 16

Oh No! Watch How Angry Football Fans Pursued and Beat Up a Referee (Photo+Video)

Oh No! Watch How Angry Football Fans Pursued and Beat Up a Referee (Photo+Video)

The referee was brutally beaten to a pop by the mob

In this touching and shameful video, fans of a football team pursued a referee inside the stadium and beat him mercilessly like a common thief.

This is the disgraceful and shocking moment a referee was chased down by angry supporters and savagely beaten by rioting supporters in Congo.

According to reports, the incident happened during the play-off tie between DCMP and Dauphin Noir. The match ended in chaos as angry fans trooped to the pitch and pursued the referee until they caught up with him before beating him like an ordinary criminal.

The shameful act was done by DCMP supporters.

If not for the help of the riot police, the referee would have been mobbed to death. As the camera zoomed to his face, everywhere has swollen up before he was later carried out of the stadium on a stretcher.

People are now calling for a total ban of the supporters and the club for not being able to control their emotions and for destroying properties worth millions. Such a shame!

Watch the video below:

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