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Wednesday, March 16

How I Sold Ifesinachi to Emir of Zazzau - Confessions of the Abductor of 14-year-old Schoolgirl

How I Sold Ifesinachi to Emir of Zazzau - Confessions of the Abductor of 14-year-old Schoolgirl

14-year-old Ifesinachi

A new twist has crept into the tragic tale of the abduction and conversion to Islam of a 14-year-old Igbo school girl, Ifesin­achi Ani.

The linkman to the abductor of a 14 year-old Igbo school girl, Ifesin­achi Ani, a teenage secondary school girl, who was abducted in Abuja and taken to Maiduguri, then Zaria, where she was report­edly converted to Islam and mar­ried off, had made some shocking revelation.

Baba Abdul, who has been arrest­ed by the police, claimed yesterday that he sold the girl to scouts al­legedly sent by the Emir of Zaz­zau, Alhaji (Dr.) Shehu Idris, as new twist has crept into the tragic tale of the ab­duction and conver­sion to Islam of Ifesinachi.

However, the Secretary to the monarch, Alhaji Shehu Gar­ba (Dokajen Zauzzau) dismissed the claim, stressing that 'we don’t know anything about that. How can you even believe such a thing?', and asked a reporter to come over to Zaria so that 'we can see face-to-face and discuss such a matter. It is a serious mat­ter and it is not possible to link the Emir with such a trash.'

Police sources however said that Baba Abdul told the Police in­vestigators during interrogation that 'I sold the girl to them', but has not been able to disclose how much he collected from the deal up till the time of filing this re­port.

According to the sources, Baba Abdul maintained that the scouts told him they were from the Emir of Zazzau and that they were looking for young children, especially girls, from the southern parts of the country to convert to Islam and marry.

"I was able to get the girl (Ifes­inachi) first, to believe that I was offering assistance to her and her family. This is because her mother does not have any serious means of livelihood apart from the local Igbo beans (okpa), she is selling. And because we live close by each other and I was able to convince her (Ifesinachi) and she followed every instruction I gave her.

"I also showered her with gifts but warned her not to tell her mother and when I discov­ered that she was doing what I asked her to do, I took the next move, which made her to hate her mother.

"It was after I had done these preliminary things I was supposed to do, that I sold the girl to them (the scouts). They took her away and finally, I learnt they took her to Zaria and that is where they told me she is at the moment."

It was gathered that initially, the abductors made the girl’s mother to believe that the 14-year-old SS2 student of Government Secondary School, Apo Resettlement, was taken to Maiduguri, but it was later discov­ered that she was actually taken to Zaria in Kaduna State.

Mrs. Ani, Ifesinachi’s mother, said her daughter informed her via text message a few days after her abduction that she was whisked out of Abuja to Maidu­guri.

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