Friday, June 5

The Bride Who Refused To Wed Until Groom Paid N1.8M For Her Boob Job

A bride-to-be refused to walk down the aisle until her future hubby coughed up the cash for a boob job.

The 29-year-old bride Meryl Clarke developed a thyroid condition that saw her losing seven stone in just six months, she was left with saggy skin which she feared would ruin her big day because her breasts looked like a flabby potato sack. So when the 29-year-old had her boyfriend Luke Clarke pop the question on New Year's Eve in 2013, she was torn.

On one hand, she could not wait to marry the man of her dreams - but on the other, she knew her body, which dropped from 20 stone to 13, would bother her.
Meryl, from Leicester, said: "When Luke proposed I was happy but I imagined I'd be walking down the aisle smiling on the outside but not on the inside.

"Even just wearing normal clothes I had to put socks in my bra and pull my tights up to my armpits and I couldn't do that in a wedding dress.

"I was left with flabs of skin hanging from my tummy, arms and legs and my boobs were like empty flaps of skin, they were awful. "I spent many days crying myself to sleep because my body was literally eating itself.

"I had the body of an old woman, my boobs were like empty flaps of skin, I looked 80 from the neck down. "I had no breast tissue and this large apron of skin, if I ran it would make a clapping sound.

Meryl planned to raise the money to pay for the operation herself but as an early wedding present for his new bride-to-be, Luke agreed to stump up the cash for a tummy tuck and surgery to take her AA boobs to a DD.

Delighted with her new dream body, Meryl finally walked down the aisle and married Luke at a ceremony in Rothley Court, Leicester, last month.

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