Monday, June 1

Bar Government Officials From Flying First Class-Catholics Urge Buhari

The Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for flying economy class, urging him to bar public officials from flying first class with public funds. They also called on the new leader to rescue the masses "from the emperors called governors".
In a statement through its two organs, Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria and Justice Development and Peace Commission, while congratulating Buhari on his inauguration they said..
"We welcome the fact that Buhari flew back to Nigeria in an economy class, and urge that a directive be issued as quickly as possible that no public official should travel first class with public funds, as this action alone can save millions of Naira which could transform whole communities.
"We believe that having been proven to be corruption-free, Muhammadu Buhari is in the best position to lead a moral revolution that will strengthen the institutions of state and the rule of law and lead Nigeria into a pride of place in which the black man will be respected all over the world.

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