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Father Executes Whole family, Then Self After Googling Depression And How To Slit Human Throats

Father Executes His Whole Family And Kills Himself

A father stabbed his wife and two daughters to death after researching how to cut someone's throat - then lived with their bodies for a weekend before hanging himself, an inquest has heard. The bodies of Jitendra Lad, 49, his wife, Dukshaben Lad, 44, and their daughters, Trisha, 19, and Nisha, 16, were discovered at their home in Clayton, Bradford, last October - days after celebrating Diwali as a family.

Mr. Lad was found hanged and the three other members of the 'model' family had all been stabbed in their beds with a knife, in what a coroner described as a 'scene of unimaginable horror'.

Father Executes His Whole Family And Kills HimselfFather Executes His Whole Family And Kills Himself

Bradford Coroner's Court heard that Mrs. Lad, also known as Daksha, and her two daughters were probably killed in the early hours of Saturday October 25. But Mr. Lad was seen by a number of people later the same weekend and probably killed himself on the Monday afternoon, two days later, the court heard.

The hearing was told how Mr. Lad had no medical history of mental illness and relatives and friends said they appeared to be a normal, loving family.
But Detective Sergeant Duncan Jackson told the hearing in Bradford how Mr. Lad had accessed the internet on his phone in the weeks before his death to research depression and, just days before the tragedy, he searched 'how to cut someone's throat and executions'.

Father Executes His Whole Family And Kills Himself

The hearing also heard that Mr. Lad had been stressed at work as an IT manager, and was concerned he had been overpromoted. Det. Sgt Jackson however told the court about an incident in Ibiza in August 2014 when the family was on holiday. He said a woman, Lee Cartwright, told officers about a conversation she had with Mr. Lad by a swimming pool in which he said he 'disliked his current job and wanted to do something better'. She said he went on to say how he was 'dreading turning 50', said he did not like Bradford and wanted to live abroad but had a duty of care to his mother. According to the police officer, 'Mrs. Cartwright was left with the impression Jitendra was unhappy with his life'.

Father Executes His Whole Family And Kills Himself
Source: Dailymail

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