Friday, October 20

"You Went To Nigeria To Prostitute" - Two American Stars Blast Each Other (Photos)

Obviously, Nigerian men are doling out huge amount of money to have sex with American big girls.Just this last weekend, American runs girl, Bernice Burgos was in Nigeria for D'banj's album club tour and rumours flew around by industry insiders that Lagos big boys were offering her as much as $10,000 for quick sex.

Now again, American rapper, Milan Christopher, who is openly gay, has made some serious allegations against reality star Hazel E, including that she came to Nigeria to sleep with wealthy men for money.

It all started when Love & Hip Hop star, Hazel E bashed gay people on Instagram and said they will all burn in hell according to the bible. Hazel E's post came after rising comedian, Jess Hilarious claimed Hazel E's boyfriend, Denzell Young popularly known as Rose Burgundy is gay.

Hazel and her boyfriend denied the gay allegation and both shared a a photo of flag of the gay pride set on fire.

Hazel E and her boyfriend's post angered a lot of gay people, including Milan Christopher and he exposed her secrets on Instagram. He revealed that Hazel E used to pretend to be in support of the LGBTQ community when she was desperately looking for fame. She even lied that she has a gay brother and told Milan that her brother looks up to him. Now that she's got what she wants, she's bashing gays.

Milan went on to disclose that Hazel E came to Nigeria to prostitute and she succeeded at it because she left Nigeria with "a lot of coins"

Read all the allegations below...


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