Thursday, October 19

Ukraine: Millionaire's Daughter Kills 6 During Over Speeding As Bloggers Fear She Might Not Be Punished

A 20-year-old millionaire's daughter killed six people after she "jumped a red light and rammed into a crowd" at a pedestrian crossing, say police.

There was carnage of the streets of Ukrainian city Kharkiv after her speeding Lexus struck a VW Touareg before completely overturning and landing on its wheels and then crashing into a group waiting to cross the road.

Six were killed and a dozen more injured in the collision. Heiress Alyona Zaitseva's armed bodyguards drove up in two jeeps immediately after the crash and protected her from a furious crowd
who witnessed the appalling crash.

The dead included a 15-year-old schoolgirl. "It's like a war zone," said one onlooker seeking to care for the injured.

Ms Zaitseva, 20, daughter of local energy company multi-millionaire Vasily Zaitsev, was uninjured.

Bloggers in the country have now expressed fears that she will be exonerated because of her powerful father,despite witnesses saying she sped through the red light.

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