Thursday, October 19

The War Deepens! Jude Okoye's Wife Sister Publicly Insults Paul's Wife

Mehn, nothing gets messier than this! Jude Okoye's wife sister, Nneka this evening got very rude to Anita Okoye and it was right on INSTAGRAM! Anita posted a photo of Jude and Ifeoma's daughters on her page (the one Jude earlier posted) and Ifeoma's sister, Nneka went in on Anita. She asked her to atleast tag their mom or delete the photo. Could it be Anita and Ifeoma are also not in good terms? Could it be that all the wives are fighting each other? WAHALA. This is just too bitter and messy! Sorry, the saying that women can separate brothers, isn't it coming to pass in the case of the Okoyes?
TF? Damn, see the way she said it sef, 'or delete the picture' And Nneka is a small girl compared to Anita o.. Chai! chai!! Wow!!!

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