Wednesday, September 6

"You told me I can be whatever I want": Little white girl says she wants to be a black woman when she grows up (VIDEO)

A parent had no idea what she was getting into when she told her daughter she could be whatever she wants when she grows up, and she was left shocked when the little white child told her she'll like to be a black woman.
In the video shared online, the mother is heard asking her daughter what she wants to be in future and the girl answered that she'll like to be a black woman. Her mother made efforts to explain to her that she could be anything else but a black woman but the girl remained adamant, saying she wants to be
both a black woman and a rapper.
"You told me I can be whatever I want but now you're arguing with me that I can't be a black woman," the little girl argued as her mother tried to discourage her from the impossible dream.
Watch the video below:


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