Wednesday, September 6

Heartbreaking Photos Reveal Final Years Of Man Who Battled Severe Obesity His Entire Life

A heartbreaking photo series has revealed how one man's struggle with obesity finally killed him.

At his heaviest Hector Garcia Jr. weighed 636 lbs (more than 45 stone) and battled severe pain and depression as a result of his size.

Hector, from Texas, spent years yo-yo dieting and managed to lose hundreds of pounds several times.

But he always piled the weight back on. Often confined to his home, in 2010 Hector first let the San
Antonio Express-News in to document his final years.

My life is a cautionary tale,” he told the paper. “I overeat because food never rejects me. But the truth is, it’s actually rejecting me now, because it’s killing me.

"It’s going to reject me up to the point where it takes my life.”

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