Wednesday, September 6

Guys Return Car They Stole, Wash It With Their Clothes After Going "Mad" (Photos)

This is very serious. Two young men who allegedly stole a vehicle in the picture below at night - got more they bargained for as they returned it the next day (which is today) but not the same way they took. In a trending video footage posted online, the young thieves removed their clothes totally in front of shocked passersby and used them to wash the car.

One of the thieves was spotted with a long snake round his neck as seen in the pictures as he danced and wriggled his body in a reptile like manner.

The other one used his cloth to wash the car from a dirty stagnant water on the road...

While all this was happening, the large crowd mocked and laughed at the thieves as they made a fool of themselves publicly.

They were later taken away by security operatives after the eyeful 'entertainment'.

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