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Married former Trump staffer fathered love child with fellow aide on campaign trail while his own wife was pregnant

The scandal and drama in Trump's administration never ends. This time, it involves two of President Tump's former employees who just welcomed a baby while one of them is still married.
The former aides had an extramarital affair while working together on Trump's 2016 election campaign and it resulted in a pregnancy. Former White House communications director Jason Miller, who is married with two daughters, and ex-transition advisor A.J. Delgado separately confirmed on Wednesday that they welcomed a son, William, last month.
Miller confirmed the birth in a statement to Page Six which read: "My wife and I, along with our two daughters, are excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the
well wishes we’ve received from so many."
Meanwhile, Miller’s wife gave birth to the couple’s second child in January. Meaning his wife and his mistress were both pregnant at the same time.
Delgado first tweeted announcing the birth of the child earlier on Tuesday, writing: "Dear friends: Beyond thrilled to share with you that I’m now the proud mother of a beautiful son (!), William!!! Born 7/10."
After Miller's statement was published, Delgado took to Twitter to set the record straight about her son's father. She seemed angered that Miller mentioned his wife in his announcement and stated that he had told her he was separated from his wife. She also said she had no idea Miller's wife was also pregnant at the same time.
"The father and I were dating for two months (he was separated from his wife, he said, and had been since June),"  she wrote along with the follow-up tweet: "I’m not sure what Jason means that he and his wife are excited to welcome Will. Really? News to me."
In another tweet, Delgado clarified, "I dated someone who was separated (or at least said he was)."
Delgado went ahead to accuse Miller of having never contributed even a single Dollar or a single gift item to their child's welfare. Page Six says that Miller and Delgado have not spoken since she revealed she was pregnant and are only communicating now through lawyers.
See some of Delgado's tweets below...

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