Friday, August 11

DSTV's Cartoon Network denies broadcasting inappropriate content for children on its platform

Cartoon Network has reacted to the trending sexual images on social media that has caused African parents to panic over what is supposedly being shown on Televison nowadays. Few days ago, inappopriate images supposedly snapped from popular cartoon shows broadcasted on cartoon network were shared online to warn parents to carefully monitor what their children watch.
However, the person who originally shared the first image, and has now deleted his account, faced backlash from people who knew the image was from 'anime porn' portraying the original content
shown for kids and not on TV. Others have picked up on the image, added more and it all went viral with parents panicking and demanding for an explanation from DSTV.
Cartoon Network has since responded, insisting that the images have never been broadcasted or shared on any of their official platform in Africa in any capacity.

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