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Saturday, May 27

Moyo Lawal addresses guys sliding into her DMs, requests that they get to know her first

As the BankyAdesua effect continues, actress Moyo Lawal has a message for the guys sliding into her direct messages. In a post on Instagram tonight, she wrote;

"Dear DM senders, I appreciate the love and everything. But before you slide into my DM, please do keep this in mind. You do not know me, so try and get to know me. You know "MoyoLawal" that portrays different characters! And the only similarities we share are my body, clothes and voice. Ayam an I Act !!! Yes, my reality is different from my make believe characters. Keep this in mind and you actually stand a chance. I don't do surface packaging..boring as f...!!!! as deep as a fricking ocean.
"P.s.. This is for the DM sliders..please take note.. Ayam tired of reading boring flygirl. body..messages biko😞 ...pls be creative P.s .. P.s...most times, I feel like my DM is for one of my characters. Much love ❤.. #ML ..p.s you can keep the "kanye" messages coming thou. Those ones, always make me laugh. Cheers to an amazing weekend."

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