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Friday, May 26

Acid attack survivor, after undergoing 17 surgeries on her face marries the love of her life (PHOTO)

An Indian acid-attack victim whose face was severely deformed and needed 17 surgeries following the attack has finally married the love of her life.
The life of 26-year-old Lalita Ben Bansi, took a turn for the worse in 2012, when her cousin threw acid at her over some minor argument and had to undergo a successful 17 surgeries to partially fix her face.

She happily got married to her 27-year-old husband, Ravi Shankar, on Tuesday at the Thane court in Mumbai.
The fairytale between the duo all started with a wrong number. Lalita met Shankar over a call and over time they got to know each other better and blossomed their way by redefining relationship goals.
In an interview with Hindustan Times, an excited  Lalita said: 'So many surgeries later, too, my face was deformed. In need for change, I moved from Azamgarh to Kalwa in Thane near Mumbai. Miracles do happen, who would have thought an acid attack and 17 surgeries later I would find love. 
'But it happened. And it all started with a wrong number,' she added.
Shankar, who works at a private firm in Kandivli as a CCTV operator, and also owns a petrol pump in Ranchi, Jharkhand said he was full of love for Lalita from the onset and wanted her to believe that she deserve a better life.
'I liked her from the beginning. I had to only convince my mother to accept my choice. I had to make Lalita believe that she too had the right to a better life. Looks are a matter of time. I have seen gorgeous- looking people parting ways after years of marriage. I had always thought I would break the monotony.
We will decide whether to settle in Mumbai or Ranchi depending on what Lalita wants', he added.
According to Hindustan Times, the wedding was attended by a number of Bollywood stars, including actor Vivek Oberoi, who met Ms. Lalita at an event for acid-attack survivors.
In India, it is estimated that there are 1,000 acid attacks per year, with many unreported attacks.

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