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Saturday, May 27

British Airways Computer Systems Crash Across The WORLD After They Are 'Hacked'

British Airways computer systems have crashed across the world, sparking chaos at airports with massive queues and delayed flights.

All BA flights from Heathrow and Gatwick before 6pm have been cancelled because of a 'major IT system failure' that is causing 'severe disruption worldwide'.

Hundreds of fliers are stuck in 'huge' check-in lines and parts of BA's website and app are not working - causing people trying to check-in online to miss their flights. Several passengers reported
that the captain and gate staff at Gatwick Airport said the airline could be under a cyber attack.

Furious fliers in the UK, the US, Rome, Belfast and Lisbon among other locations vented that they have been stuck on their plane for more than two hours.

They spoke of 'disgraceful' customer service as staff gave out 'no information', while others said it was 'carnage' at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 and warned travellers to stay away.

The airline said it was 'experiencing a global system outage' and added it was 'working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible'.

Heathrow Airport said it was 'working closely' with BA to solve the issue.

In a statement, they said: 'We apologise for the current IT systems outage. We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.'

They advised passengers to check the status of their flight before travelling to the airport.

Delays have also been reported in Rome, Prague, Cagliari, Stockholm and Malaga due to the technical failure and Gatwick Airport.

One passenger said that there were 'huge queues' at check in and 'no explanation'.
'Systems down. Huge queues at check in. No explanation. Not good #britishairways #heathrowterminal,' they wrote.

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