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Friday, May 26

Mark Zuckerberg visits his old room in Harvard and takes us there via Facebook live

Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard during his sophomore year to focus on Facebook but recently went back to receive an honorary degree awarded him by the prestigious institution and also to give the commencement speech.

Once there he went on a tour of his old dorm room where Facebook was conceived and took his followers with him via Facebook live.

The billionaire can be seen in the video standing in front of his room before he went inside. He
showed off the interior of the room saying:

"The room looks a little bit different from what it looked like when I was here but it's actually mostly the same."

He then showed off the desk where he sat when he programmed Facebook.

"This is where I programmed Facebook,” he recalled as he gestured toward a desk. “It took about two weeks."

At 33, Zuckerberg is the youngest person to ever give the Harvard commencement speech.

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