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Police officer, female lover die while having sex in a moving car

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A police officer and his alleged lover have lost their lives in an auto crash while they were reportedly having sex on wheels.

The policeman, whose identity was given as Constable Ramon Stephens, attached to the Motorized Patrol Unitn alongside the woman identified as Kodian – Kody, died from injuries they sustained in the tragic accident.
According to reports, the two dead victims were found naked.
Eyewitnesses said the car was travelling at a very high speed and lost control, probably at the climax of the sex.
The incident happened in the western parts of the Island, along the North-South link of Highway 2000, Jamaica.
Meanwhile, the Road Safety Unit has denied sexual act was the cause of the fatal crash
Director of the unit in the Ministry of Transport, Kanute Hare told The Jamaican Star that despite calls on the subject on sexual intercourse and suggestive photographs, the evidence on the ground doesn’t give latitude to make those statements at all.
Hare said, “Persons have been calling me about it. There are some photographs even flying about the place but I beg not to believe that because my information is not telling me (that) and for somebody who understands how traffic accidents occur, I am not surprised the clothes were off.”

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