Tuesday, April 18

Interesting story of how a Man's car was turned to a mobile store, within 15 minutes at Ladipo market

Hahaha. So we can’t park cars in Lagos in peace again? A rather shocked man who went down the Ladipo market to get his car fixed has narrated how folks at the market turned his car to a mobile boutique after he parked outside the market.

According to him;
So I went to ladipo spare parts market the other day to fix a car. I packed outside the market. Walked into the market and returned in less than 15mins to see this. My car has been turned into a mobile shoe boutique. I walked up to them and told them to pack their stuff. One looked at me and said “na u get motor? U wan commot? ” I politely answered “yes”. It took them another 5mins to pack their shoes. #lagos #hustle #mobileboutique #nofoodforlazyman”

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