Tuesday, April 18

Ella Mo'Adenuga marks second wedding anniversary with new photos and emotional story

Fashion blogger, Ella Mo'Adenuga, who welcomed her son on this last year has shared some new photos to mark her second wedding anniversary!

She wrote thus:

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my beloved husband and I... It definitely not has been an easy journey... But my old man always tells me... If you can endure the first 2 years of your marriage, then you have passed!

I remember how we thought we had known each other... Little did we know we were strangers! Is it how we fought over every little thing at a particular time? How we kept calling our parents saying we wanted to break up! How we slept in same bed despising each other? How we lived in same roof and stoped taking to each other! How we never agreed at some point? How we thought we made mistakes marrying each other? I could go on and on.... One day I took it to God in prayers! 

I asked Him what was happening to Us? God told me to ask my husband and not ask Him! One day, I woke my husband at the middle of the night, I cried profusely asking him why? What? When? And Where? And I realized he had bottled up a lot! He had stopped complaining coz I will always nag when he does! He was tired and at every little opposition he would snap back! Same here too! I had thought he didn't love me again! I had thought he was pretending to love me! 

We realized we were raised by different parents, hence our different attitude towards our ways of life! Then we began to sit every weekend to discuss what happened over the week that we didn't like.. We began to Communicate... We began to accept each other's flaws and differences, we began to pray more and complain less.. Are you reading this and your marriage is facing some challenges? I

 urge you to first take it to God in prayers! I urge you to have a communication with your husband every time, access yourself weekly and ensure you do not keep records of each other's wrongs!
I am not going to come here and pretend like it's been rosy! But through it all... I've learned, I've changed and we are better each day that pass!


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