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Man suddenly disappears after cooking for his son and nephew

Left: Butiki’s son Morena Sepitla, his sister Moliehi Manyasha and Butiki’s nephew Ditaba Sepitla are looking for him. Photo by Lona Mohlomi  
A South African family has been left distraught after their father suddenly went missing.
According to Daily Sun SA, the man identified as Butiki Sepitla (57) surprised his son and nephew by preparing a meal for them – something he never did.
He even set the table and gave them cold drinks. But then he disappeared before giving them the food.
Morena Sepitla (26), his son, said they eventually went to the kitchen because Butiki had been gone for a long time.
When they couldn’t find him there, they assumed he must have gone to the shop. So they dished up for themselves.
“When it got dark we started to look for him but he was nowhere to be found,” said Morena. “The next day I kept some of the food he had cooked, hoping he would be back.”
Ditaba Sepitla (35), Butiki’s nephew, said his uncle seemed happy before he disappeared.
“If he had problems, he was hiding them well.”
He said they have looked for him in hospitals and mortuaries but he is nowhere to be found.

“We have asked the local radio station to ask people to help us look for him. We have even searched in homeless shelters,” Ditaba said.
His sister Moliehi Manyasha (60) said they have buried three people in their family who suffered from depression.
“I’m afraid of losing my brother, too.”
She appealed to SunReaders for help.
“I know many people read Daily Sun and they might have seen him. If he comes home I will force him to go for counselling because I believe he is depressed.”
Captain Michael Mbewe, Mamelodi East police spokesman, said a missing person’s case was opened and police are investigating.

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