Tuesday, December 27

Why are the Indimis always marrying children of Heads of State?

Contrary to the widespread tale that the marriage of Zahra Buhari is the third the Indimis are staging with children of the occupants of Nigeria’s seat of power, this wedding is actually the second.

Rahama Yakolo, one of the daughters of the oil tycoon, Muhammadu Indimi, married Mohammed Babangida, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida’s son in 2004, long after the man had left power (he reigned and ruled between 1985 to 1993).

The marriage is now troubled as the couple battle over the custody of their children.

There are no records that any of billionaire Indimi's children is married into the family of late General
Sani Abacha, as earlier suspected.

But now, the Indimis are part of Nigeria’s first family as their son has spoken for Zahra Buhari.

So, how do the Indimis gravitate towards the seat of power?

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