Thursday, December 29

Awkward moment man who stole ATM was caught by the owner while using it (Photos)

It was gathered that the funny incident happened recently in Ejigbo, Lagos.
Read the story below: "I and my boyfriend drove down to access bank situated at NNPC bus/stop, Ejigbo to make some transactions via ATM this afternoon.

Lo and behold we met a queue and had to join it. Meanwhile, a guy was making multiple withdrawals and other customers started grumbling cos it was just one machine that was dispensing cash.

Just as he was abt to roundup, a lady appeared from behind in tears and held on to d man making d d astonishment of everybody,we asked d lady what d problem was and she said d guy in question tricked her at UBA bank ATM at iyana Ejigbo bus stop some minutes ago by acting as though he wanted to help her effect withdrawals and only to tell her that her card was bad and while giving her back her card,he have her a wrong card haven gotten her PIN number.
Afterwards, d guy disappeared and only for her to be receiving multiple atm withdrawal alert to the tune of over 80k till she got him red-handed with her atm and withdrawn cash.
Upon interrogating the guy, he started lagosians, He was heavily descended on before d mobile men attached to d bank came to his rescue.. Trust no one at Atm terminals!!!

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