Friday, December 30

Stop complaining about how much you bought asoebi - Laura Ikeji

Yesterday, actress Anita Joseph took to her Instagram page to rant about how annoying it is to buy an expensive asoebi for marriages that don't eventually last long. Interestingly, fashionista Laura Ikeji has replied as seen below:

She took to her Instagram to advice women not to stay in abusive marriages because of what they think people will say. Read what she posted after the cut....
"Pls my fellow ladies, marriage isn't By force!!! We need to stop marrying because of the society. Don't be in a domestic violent marriage, stop thinking the idiot would stop beating you, violent people don't change, if he hit you once, he would do it again. You still don't wanna leave because of what society might say? Leave!!!! You silly woman. Run for your life, for your children's sake, for the future of your children. It's worse when he beats you while you are pregnant. Gosh, God will punish any man that puts his hand on a pregnant woman. You shall be useless for life. RIP pretty lady. You should have left last year like you said you were. F₩#@k society. They know nothing. Marriage is not by force. Don't marry him cos instagram is disturbing you on when to marry. Stupid unhappy people constantly reminding you of your biological clock. Rip angel.

Instagram pls stop begging women to go back to bad marriages. Women are dying everyday from domestic violence. Stop complaining about how much you bought asoebi and help these women get out of danger. RIP angel."

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