Friday, December 30

Formerly conjoined Nigerian twins, Miracle and Testimony, celebrate christmas with family

Formerly conjoined Nigerian twins, Miracle and Testimony, celebrated their first Christmas with elder sister, Marvelous and parents Sam and Mary Ayeni, in the U.S after their successful operation.

In an interview in January, Mary, attributed the birth to God and expressed an assurance that the twins were born for a purpose.
The couple, who celebrated their third wedding anniversary in December, had their first daughter, Marvellous, on November 19, 2013.

According to the mother of three, Marvellous has had a normal relationship with her siblings.

The day Mary took her firstborn along to the hospital; she said Marvellous played with them like any child would.

The mother said, “After the birth, I was told that they were conjoined, but it was two weeks later that I saw the children face-to-face. I delivered the babies by caesarean section. While I was in the hospital recuperating, the babies were transferred to the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital.

“It was a week after that I went there to see them and I was happy because they are strong; it was just that they are conjoined.

Will I question God? What will I do as their mother? God gave them to me,” she said

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