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Saturday, October 15

Before choosing hot or cold shower — here’s what you need to know

Before choosing hot or cold shower — here’s what you need to know

For most people, the temperature of their bathing water depends on the general temperature of the atmosphere.

When the weather is hot, we take a cold shower. When the weather is cold, we opt for a hot shower.

People rarely take into account the impact of the temperature of the water that hits their skin every day.

Here is everything you need to know before choosing the temperature of your shower.

Hot Shower

Relaxes the muscles

Feeling stressed and tense? Take a hot shower to relax your muscles.

Fights bacteria

Hot water kills off bacteria and therefore prevents you from falling sick.

Alleviates migraine

Hot water is the perfect natural remedy for those headaches you can’t seem to shake off.

Reduces swelling

Hot water aids in bringing down swellings faster.

Reduces anxiety

Feeling anxious? Hot water has unlimited therapeutic properties.

Acts as nasal decongestant

If you’re finding it difficult to breathe, take a hot shower and watch the steam clear your airways.

Removes toxins from skin

Hot water clears out the unwanted toxins from your skin.

Reduces coughs

Many people experience coughs, because of phlegm. By taking a hot shower, you can loosen up the phlegm and help to diminish a cough.

Cold Shower

Stimulates immune system

Cold water acts as a catalyst to enhance your immune system which helps your body fight off infection.

Increases alertness

Feeling dull or lazy? Take a cold shower to wake you and keep you bright-eyed.

Prevents colds

You weren’t expecting this but cold water actually prevents you from catching a cold.

Stimulates anti-depressant hormones

Cold water stimulates the hormones that keep you happy.

Accelerates your metabolism

Cold water also accelerates your metabolism that prepares your body to fight diseases.

Frees up the mind

Feeling mentally stuck? Take a cold shower to free your mind.

Tightens the skin

No one likes loose skin or wrinkles. Cold showers tighten the skin giving you firmer and smoother skin.

Reduces hair loss

Cold water is more gentle on your hair follicles, therefore reducing chances of hair loss.

Reduces Stress

Cold water is one of the greatest remedies for stress. From drinking water to refresh you or taking a cold shower.

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