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Saturday, October 15

Aishat’s Stage-Managed “Outburst” Says lawyer

Aishat’s Stage-Managed “Outburst” Says lawyer

Aisha Buhari

Since yesterday, the social and main stream media have been awash with the ‘arrangee’ interview, on the BBC, by the First Lady, Hajia Aishat Buhari, in respect of her alleged opposition to the political ambition of Gen Muhammadu Buhari, beyond 2019.

This is nothing but a stage managed public relations stunt, by the president, to buy public sympathy and support, for the failing APC ruling government.

In recent times, the president has come under attack from the masses of Nigerians, over his failing economic policies, that have thrown Nigeria into recession and even depression. For instance, the president has not been able to address any other presidential media chat after his disastrous inaugural chat.

The government has lost credibility, and is only feeding fat on lies and propaganda.
It is no surprise therefore, that the First Lady has been exhumed to give the impression that the president means well but is only surrounded by bad advisers.

We all can recall how the president held the nation to ransom, for well over six months, claiming that he was searching for technocrats and saints, to work with him. So how can the First Lady expect us to believe this latest propaganda that the president is surrounded by visionless people and that should account for his dismal performance since 2015?

I therefore urge the good people of Nigeria not to be distracted in their resolve to hold the president accountable to his campaign promises and not to be deceived by this latest campaign to buy sympathy and public support for the president.

Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa

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